Thursday, 11 February 2016

meeting real ponies

49 months 21 days

E:   Mummy can you please make more money so you can buy us aeroplane tickets to go to Ponyville to see real ponies?

Me: Darling you've been on a pony ride in Penang, on a REAL pony

E:   No! Not the pretend ponies! I want to see REAL ponies! Like the ones that can talk!

J:   Ellie! On the ponies on planet earth don't talk ok! Ponyville has PRETEND ponies!

Friday, 21 September 2012

9 months old!

Jake & Eleanor Keable

My babies are 9 months old today. Just to quickly catch up on the last 9 months:
  • The twins arrived on 21st December 2011 at 35 weeks 4 days, as I had severe pre-eclampsia (I'll save the birth story for another time)
  • They were delivered via emergency c-sec and Eleanor is a whole minute older than Jake
  • They both spent 5 days in NICU
  • They were 1.9kgs (Eleanor) and 1.8kgs (Jake) when they went home
  • I am still breastfeeding, but they are needing formula supplements 
  • They learnt to turn at 5.5 months birth age
  • They started solids at 6 months birth age
  • They started sitting unassisted at 7 months birth age
  • They started crawling at nearly 8 months birth age
  • They started pulling themselves up and walking holding on to furnitures at 8.5 months birth age
Being mummy is the most rewarding and amazing experience. I still wake up every morning in awe at how much they have grown and how far they have come from the days of them being in NICU with tubes stuck all over their little bodies. I still wake up every morning falling in love all over again. I can't stop smelling and kissing them. I love the experience of breastfeeding my babies....I love how they are comforted immediately when I breastfeed. I love how they hold on to my finger and cuddle close to me when they are feeding. I love how they look out for me and reach their hands out to me.

I never knew how much I could love until I became a mummy. Happy 9 months old my preciously little munchkins. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

33 weeks 5 days

It’s now 3.35am, Thursday 8th December 2011 and for the third night in a row I am up because I do not want to disturb hubby’s sleep with my constant scratching, itching, tossing & turning.

I love being pregnant and had a relatively good first and early second trimester. I LOVE being future mommy to my twins but the reality of being pregnant with multiples hit me around week 24.


My feet and ankles started swelling around week 24. At first propping my feet up overnight kinda helped with bringing the water retention down but from week 30 onwards it has stayed swollen and nothing I do could bring it down. My calves, ankles and feet are the same size now and it hurts sometimes to even walk! Hubby and I think my legs look like they belong to Shrek.

I have developed PUPPP (it stands for Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) – big name but in short it just means I have broken out in VERY VERY itchy rashes. Started a few weeks ago on my feet and in the last week it has spread to my belly, butt and thighs. It gets very bad in the evenings as they start to break out like hives (no kidding!) and the skin is very hot when you touch it. I have tried prescribed anti histamines, cortisone creams, calamine lotion, aloe vera gel… other than a very temporary relief, nothing has worked. Unfortunately my gynea said it’s something I have to put up with until the twins arrive.

My blood pressure has been up and down in the 3rd trimester and in the last week it has been consistently high. Luckily they haven’t found traces of protein in my urine yet (which is usually an indication of something more serious like preeclampsia). The high BP however has left me with headaches most of the time.

Self-explanatory. This means I have to give up some of the treats I used to enjoy like cakes, ice cream and Chatime!

Contrary to what most pregnant woman experience (constipation), my body system seems to work the opposite way. I have been having constant diarrhea in my last trimester. As a result I have cut back massively on oily and spicy food but it doesn’t seem to be the problem. I guess this is one thing I shouldn’t complain about as I would rather be having diarrhea than constipation any time!

Needless to say, with the weight of 2 babies, 2 water bags, 2 placentas it’s gonna hurt my back a little. It has been so difficult sitting, sleeping, getting out of cars, walking etc etc for a few weeks now and each morning I wake up feeling like I feel heavier. The worst time is actually sleep time for me as no position seems to be comfortable. I am finding it difficult to even move in bed now.

Anyway! When I started this blog I have wanted to keep things positive….. tonight’s post seems to be the most depressing one but I guess being awake at 3 something in the morning has something to do with it.

Hubby called the hospital today to push forward my 34 week scan from Friday to well, yesterday (Wednesday) as my rash is getting really bad and he is concerned about my lack of sleep, constant headache etc.

Happy to report that at 33 weeks 4 days the twins both weigh 1.7kgs. The boy seems to have caught up but the girl hasn’t grown much since the last scan (which of course bothers me a lot!). My gynea picked up my anxiety and worry and he has scheduled another scan for me next week to check on both their weights again. We did however see both the heartbeats today and the gynea seems happy.

Our scheduled C-Section is on the 28th December 2011 at 36 weeks 4 days which is 3 weeks away! Our gynea predicts that the twins will be around 2kgs or slightly over the 2kgs mark and I am praying they stay put until then. I am hoping so much they don’t need the NICU and that when they arrive their lungs are ok, they can regulate their own body temperature and they can latch on.

Though I am so anxious to meet them and have them outside so all my symptoms can go away, I also know it will totally break our hearts if they needed special care in NICU. So, better I suffer another 3 weeks so they can keep cooking a little longer and hopefully come out healthier and stronger!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

31 weeks 5 days

Yippeee we’ve crossed the 30 week mark! I’ve always envied mommies who are in their week 30 something as it just means they are soooo much closer to seeing their baby!

The first 12 weeks of the pregnancy seemed to drag on forever, the second trimester went by pretty quickly (maybe because we had the UK trip and heaps of other life changing events going on at the same time)….now that we’re in our 30 week something time seems to have slowed down again. Maybe it’s because I walk a lot slower??

·      They are moving a lot these days and perhaps with the lack of space to swim around they are kicking and elbowing me a lot more. We often see random body parts sticking out of my tummy! I’ve gotten used to it and quite like stroking them like that but hubby still finds it gross
·      We’ve kinda decided on their names but the chinese part is undergoing “approval” by my family members as my immediate family can’t read or write in Chinese
·      They seem to have a pattern of being asleep and awake now and when they are active I have grown to love “playing” with them. I think they know as when I prod my belly they kick back! Very cute!!
·      We’ve got most of their stuff ready. Almost everything they have is in white with the exception of a really cute T-shirt & dungaree set for the boy and a very cute cotton pink dress hubby picked up last weekend at the flea market. Looks like we already know what they will be dressed up in during Chinese New Year! Haha

·      HUGE! I’m not kidding when I say this. People are starting to stare. Strangers are starting to come up to me to rub my belly. I can barely turn myself in bed as I am so heavy in the middle. It takes a lot of effort to hoist myself up from the toilet seat. I can’t fit into most of hubby’s huge T-Shirts anymore. Even Pivo the dog stares at my belly when I’m lying on the sofa
·      I’m now consistently going for a pee around 8 – 12 times a night. NOT KIDDING! Sometimes when I feel someone kicking my bladder I get an immediate urge to pee. This obviously disturbs my sleep at night. Funnily at around 7.30am I can suddenly sleep 3-4 hours straight so I have now adjusted my sleeping time. Luckily hubby is super  understanding and he lets me sleep in J
·      About a week ago I started developing very bad rashes on my feet (which are already super swollen!) It got so bad it woke me up at night crying. Hubby has applied calamine lotion, aloe vera gel, ice packs….it just would not stop itching. I have never seen my feet look so horrible. It itched so badly I bled when I scratched. Had to go see the doctor who gave me some mild anti histamines and cream. It’s much better now thankfully but my feet are still ugly from the rash scars
·      My feet AND calves are super swelled up now. It doesn’t even just happen at night. It is perpetually swollen. Doesn’t help that I’m so short and I have a massive belly. I look like a teletubby now. Hubby tells me he still thinks I’m the most beautiful woman to him but I know he can’t keep lying to me!
·      The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more frequent (yikes!) and it gets so tight around my tummy that it wakes me up at night
·      I have also been having diarrhea on and off the last week and I have been given a few explanations – it could be the changing hormones or it could be my body “cleansing” before the actual labour starts

So at nearly 32 weeks with my size I am quite keen to have them out but I know it is much better for them to stay in for another 4-5 weeks. I talk to the twins everyday, telling them mummy, daddy and Jack are very excited about their arrival but that they should try stay inside for a bit longer.

So….4 to 5 more weeks until I see my precious daughter and son!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

27 weeks 5 days

I haven’t been able to update for weeks as a lot is going on! Anyway that’s for another day.

I am 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and I can’t begin to explain how HUGE I have become. According to some baby websites I am officially in my 7th month and in my third and final trimester. Things started to change when I hit 24 weeks...

·    My belly looks like it’s growing by the hour (I am so not joking about this, as I already look    like I’m overdue now!)
·    My feet and ankles started swelling at 24 weeks. It gets worse in the evening and initially it used to subside in the mornings but these days it just stays swollen. I officially have Princess Fiona’s feet. Luckily they are not green.
·    It’s getting more and more difficult getting out of the car, getting up from a chair, getting up from the toilet seat etc etc. I just feel so heavy!
·     At times when I get up too fast I feel a sudden pressure “down there” like the babies will just come right through. After a few times I’ve learnt to really take my time getting up
·     I forget how much my belly protrudes these days so I often accidentally bump my belly on doors/walls and when I brush my teeth I forget to stand further so my T shirt gets wet
·     My lower back is perpetually aching. These days it seems like it still aches no matter how I sit or lie down
·    My hair is super oily! I have tried using different shampoo but it still ends up getting oily really fast. Why ah??
·    I sweat a lot. I overheat very quickly
·    I am waddling. And it ain’t sexy!!

On a brighter note, I am feeling the twinnies move around ALL THE TIME. They are getting stronger nowadays so some of their kicks and punches really hurt but it’s so nice to sit or lie down with my hands on my belly and feeling them squirm and swim around. As if my huge belly is not enough to remind me, feeling my babies move always remind me that I’m going to be mommy soon *sniff* *sniff*.

Hubby says I have nesting tendencies these days and I have to agree! On days that I feel a little better, I have been busy washing and drying all the baby clothings – their little onesies, mittens, booties, socks, blankets! We have been really lucky as friends and family have been buying stuff for the twinnies so we now have a really good supply of tiny baby clothes till about 6 months! We are so blessed we have family and friends to help out.

Hubby has fixed up the 2 cotbeds and I have arranged and re-arranged their little clothings. I have even packed all their mittens and booties into individual zip lock bags so it’s easy for storage. If that is not some kind of crazy nesting instinct they write about in baby books, I don’t know what that is.

Mum & dad have also gone grandchildren shopping crazy and have contributed quite a lot – they bought 2 bouncers (in pink and blue), nappies, mobile cot toys, towels, bath tubs, clothes and lots of bits and pieces here and there. I’ve never seen my dad so excited about shopping!

Seriously anyone suffering from depression or anxiety should just spend some time looking at baby stuff as no matter how tiring or difficult my day is, I ALWAYS feel better after spending some time hanging out in the nursery arranging and rearranging all the little stuff.

I have about 9 weeks plus to go and I cannot wait to cuddle my babies!

Friday, 23 September 2011

photos of twinnies at 19 weeks 6 days

our baby girl

our baby boy

* mummy loves * :-)

our twinnies at 22 weeks 6 days

So we did our week 23 scan today. Doctor reconfirmed that we are expecting a baby girl and baby boy! I know I said I would up date after the week 20 scan but I wanted to be super sure! :-)

Baby girl is weighing 583gms and baby boy is weighing 527gms. Doctor is happy with their growth rate. I was initially kinda worried that I haven’t put on much (at 22 weeks 6 days I have put on a total of less than 5 kgs). He said he’s not so concerned how much weight I put on and that he’s more concerned about the growth of the twins. Anyway I’m determined to keep this blog only for positive updates so here goes…

How we’re doing so far:

1)   Tummy is getting bigger and I am starting to waddle
2)   On certain days I get a lot of pressure “down there” that when I stand up I feel like the babies would  drop out! Luckily doctor said this sensation is normal. *phew*
3)   My feet swell when I sit or stand for too long. Drinking lots of water and protein and putting my feet up seems to help
4)   Went up 2 cup sizes *woot!!*
5)   They are both really KICKING! We often see my tummy moving nowadays even without rubbing or tapping it. They seem to be most active in the evenings when I’m sitting down chilling out or right before I go to bed. I love the sensation!
6)   Appetite still the same
7)   No particular cravings except occasionally for oranges, pomelos and soya bean milk
8)   Went through a few days of really bad acne breakout but it seems to have cleared up and I’m now back to having the pregnancy glow

I am falling in love over and over again with my son and daughter. Can’t wait to start preparing the nursery!

Next scan is in 3 weeks and doctor is recommending a steroid jab to mature their lungs just in case they decide to come by early. I haven’t done much reading about this so I hope it is safe for the twins….